NCS Continuity - Business Continuity

When unforeseen events cause disruptions to the normal operations and management of your business, you need to be ready and prepared to maintain essential functions and services.

Business Continuity Planning allow businesses to continue operating and functioning after a crisis through a mix of procedures, training, and technologies. Proper design and execution of business continuity and disaster recovery plans will minimize the impact, duration, and severity of a crisis event.

With over 15 years of experience, a highly trained consulting team, a solid infrastructure, and industry leading technologies, we can help you to design, develop, implement, and manage the business continuity solutions needed to protect against unforeseen risks and circumstance.

Risks and Threats

NCS Continuity - Fire and Flood

Fire and Flood

NCS Continuity - Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster

NCS Continuity - Economic Crisis

Economic Crisis

NCS Continuity - Power Outage

Power Outage

NCS Continuity - Loss of Facilities

Loss of Facilities

NCS Continuity - Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks

NCS Continuity - Loss of Critical Personnel

Loss of Critical Personnel

NCS Continuity - Supplier Disruption

Supplier Disruption

NCS Continuity - Critical Clients

Critical Clients

NCS Continuity - Criminal Activities

Criminal Activities

NCS Continuity - Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest

NCS Continuity - Epidemics


Business Continuity Solutions

NCS Continuity - Cloud Based File/Data Storage

Cloud Based File/Data Storage

NCS Continuity - Work From Home (Remote Work)

Work From Home (Remote Work)

NCS Continuity - Web Based Client Services

Web Based Client Services

NCS Continuity - Cloud Based Accounting

Cloud Based Accounting

NCS Continuity - Cloud Based Management

Cloud Based Management

NCS Continuity - Cloud Based Software Applications

Cloud Based Software Applications

NCS Continuity - Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

NCS Continuity - Web Based Sales and Orders

Web Based Sales and Orders

NCS Continuity - Web Based Communications

Web Based Communications

Goals and Objectives

NCS Continuity - Minimize Disruption

Minimize Disruption

NCS Continuity - Minimize Impact

Minimize Impact

NCS Continuity - Minimize Downtime

Minimize Downtime

Functions and Processes That Can Be Automated or Done Remotely

NCS Continuity - Forms, Records, and Reports

Forms, Records, and Reports

NCS Continuity - Employee and HR Management

Employee and HR Management

NCS Continuity - Project, Job, and Production Management

Project, Job, and Production Management

NCS Continuity - Scheduling and Assignment

Scheduling and Assignment

NCS Continuity - Time, Cost, and Progress Tracking

Time, Cost, and Progress Tracking

NCS Continuity - Safety Management and Compliance

Safety Management and Compliance

NCS Continuity - Quality Control and Management

Quality Control and Management

NCS Continuity - Estimating, Quotes, and Sales

Estimating, Quotes, and Sales

NCS Continuity - Employee Training

Employee Training

NCS Continuity - Equipment and Asset Management

Equipment and Asset Management

NCS Continuity - Inventory Management

Inventory Management

NCS Continuity - Ordering and Service Requests

Ordering and Service Requests

NCS Continuity - Client Management

Client Management

NCS Continuity - Online Client Self Service

Online Client Self Service

NCS Continuity - Operations and Administrations

Operations and Administrations

How Do We Prepare?

NCS Continuity - How Do We Prepare?

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